From 5 to 15 August 2017







From 5 to 15 August 2017 come back in Cison the show "Artigianato Vivo" 37th edition, one of the most anticipated summer events, capable of handling an increasing number of visitors and tourists.









In the beautiful setting of Cison "most beautiful Villages in Italy", more than 200 artisans, distribuited along the way, demonstrate their skills, techniques, often transmitted from generation to generation, who have made the production "Made in Ityaly" a boast worldwide.






Small shopkeepers, master craftsmen, potters, glass artists, metal, wood, leather and leather, along the streets and the most beautiful cities of the country, will give evidence of their skills with the original products, and all made by hand.


The path, like every year, starts from "Oasi of San Francesco" along beautiful streets and views of the historical center, through the "Case Marian", the central Roma square until ancient "Cantine Brandolini", recently restored.


















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