The Mill and its time to Molinetto della Croda in Refrontolo

From 14 to 22 October 2017


Feast in folk costumes for the new harvest



From 14 October (until 22 October 2017) held the historic event in folk costumes that takes visitors to the 900, when the inhabitants of the area went to the mill to celebrate the new corn harvest.

It is one of the most popular show among the events of Molinetto della Croda, this year the sixth edition, it shows the old mill about a century ago when the local farmers used to bring the "biava"( corn) to the miller,for the first millstone of the flour after the summer harvest.

It was a time of celebration for the "poenta nova", which at the time it represented the food of the local diet, but it was above all an opportunity to be together again, to exchange services and small products daily use, in one of the country's "squares" most dedicated to hospitality, that of the Molinetto della Croda. Life of the show was the innkeeper of the country, who moved for a few days with a few tables and a good amount of new wine.





The reenactment wants to revive these traditions and re-appreciate the now missing activities (il Muner / miller, the mender of chairs, la lavandera / laundress, the grinder, etc.). To recall those magical times locals in folk costumes enliven the path of visitors bringing la biava of the new harvest to the mill in the back of a mule to be ground and to prepare the polenta. For the occasion, the mill is presented as it was 100 years ago: the interior furnishings are replaced with antique furniture, original in many cases, the back porch to be a barn, the outside area returns to host animals farmyard.







Saturday, October 15 from 15.30 to 18.00
Sunday 15 and Sunday 22 October, from 10.00 to 18.00



During the week from 17 to 22 October the mill remains open for visits to the millstone in operation and local interior prepared with time from 10.30 to 12 and from 15.30 to 18.00.


Ticket cost € 3, Free up to 14 years.
The other days, admission € 2 (free up to 14 years).




For information:
Association Molinetto della Croda
Tel. 0438 978199 - -



73.a Festa dei Marroni of Combai

From 6 October to 1 November 2017





Also this year the ingredients of the 73° edition of the Festa dei Marroni fo Combai are the local products and the crafts, but also nature, sport and entertainment who return to animate the beautiful  village between the Prosecco Treviso  hills. An event dedicated to the local chestnut  Igp, a delight to be tasted on site taking advantage of the many events scheduled, but also of the educational proposals for schools, excursions for groups and themed menus in local restaurants. The festival opens its doors Friday, October 7, but the official opening is scheduled for Sunday, October 9 at 10.45.






Every Tuesday at 20.00 MONDOI AND MUSHROOMS
Every Wednesday at 20.00 TORTELLI WITH CHESTNUTS
Every Saturday 20.00 SMALL GNOCCHI WITH CHESTNUTS even at midday
Reservations recommended








SUNDAY on 15 OCTOBER at 9.00 Walk by Km. 8, for all, path 1025.
SUNDAY on 22 October Maronando – non-competitive march km 6 and 12 between the vineyards of Combai starting at 9.00 am
SUNDAY on 29 October Nordic Walking –starting at 9.00 am will take place the event Nordic Walking among the chestnut trees and the hills of Combai.
WEDNESDAY on 1 November Orienteering Race



More information :
Pro Loco Combai Squillace square – Combai (Treviso)



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