Since 2011 the market comes to life in the most historic area of ​​Follina, Piazza IV Novembre, charming theater where overlook the Palaces Barberis and Tandura, the Abbey of Follina, and the majestic restoration of the ex factory Andretta and ex College San Giuseppe in  Paradiso street, which currently houses the nursing home.











An exclusive event for young and old to immerse yourself in the charm of Christmas walk in the heart of the history of Follina, among ancient buildings, elegant streets and the enveloping majestic of the cistercian Abbey "Santa Maria" built in the twelfth century.





The warm lighting, the atmosphere of warmth and the scents of Christmas will take you and embrace you making magic your visit from 9:30 am until 19:30 in the evening.



Craftsmanship and originality continue to be our proposal for a special Christmas!








Best hobbyists, craftsmen and small traders in the indoor spaces in prestigious buildings and traditional wooden houses festively decorated, scattered along the historic streets of the country will offer you an exciting and evocative atmosphere; the scent of the wood will complement to the traditional Christmas flavors and the specialties of the place.





Along the way there will be several dining options to enjoy food and wine characteristics of the territory.






Cison di Valmarino 8-9 and 15-16 December 2018






Back the magic of Christmas Stars atmosphere, with lights, music, colors and flavors, anyone who wants to breathe since the beginning of December the Christmas spirit can not miss the annual event.









The XV Review Christmas Stars will be held in Cison di Valmarino day 8-9 and 15-16 December 2018 at the Marian House, the Ex Cellars Brandolini, Roma square, and Villa Marcello Marinelli.






Light up the Christmas lights and spread the scents of winter festivities, through the characteristic wooden houses and inside of the Ancient Cellars Brandolini, discover refined articles proposed by skilled artisans, each artisan also sets up in his "workshop "an original representation of the Nativity.






You will find the most original gift among the wooden carvings, embroidery, ceramics, felt, wool, flower arrangements, decorations for the tree and the crib.


They will be set up Stalls food and wine, unique local productions and you will taste typical menu as muset, pasta and beans and spit inevitable.








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